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Quần Jean Lưng Cao Ống Rộng Phối Rách Cá Tính Trẻ Trung

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Ống loe
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hole 26
hole 27
hole 28
hole 29
hole 30
hole 31
hole 32
no hole 26
no hole 27
no hole 28
no hole 29
no hole 30
no hole 31
not hole 32
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sending it to,,of bid sending , , Urgent , To go abroad , Cautiously timing , No emergency orders , Theandand to the gate . It 's a long way , Please set aside enough time for water . Logistics updates will not be available until the package arrives in Hong Kong after Shenzhen clearance . Please know , Once the parcel is mailed , it will not return . If the water is stopped or the order is cancelled , we 'll lose it directly . The stress is great , Please understand . The time of completion of payment on presentation of the order is not the time of withdrawal . Please refer to the message received at the time of collection . Remember that the newsletter is the key . Warm tips : All the trousers sold locally need water to be cut apart ! Last size picture Last size picture Last size picture : : We have all checked before we send it out . But occasionally there are careless times , Water water received clothing mistakes mailing quality problems , etc . We 'd like to inform you at the first time , This store is very responsible . : i : This store does not accept bargaining price , Thinly selling , Please understand : emoji : : : We are satisfied with our goods and services , Please give the five stars a good compliment . There 's something unsatisfactory to ask you to contact us on the conversation . Always serve you online ,