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Ốp Điện Thoại Bảo Vệ 360 Độ Cho Oppo Find X A31 A91 2020 A75 A73

A91 2020 Red Black
Gold Black Gold
Blue Black Blue
A91 2020 2 Silver
A91 2020 Red
A91 2020 Black
Tyrant Gold
Rose Gold
A91 2020 Blue
Find X Red Black
Find X Gold Black Gold
Find X Blue Black
Find X 2 Silver
Find X Red
Find X Black
Find X Tyrant Gold
Find X Rose Gold
Find X Blue
A73 A75/a75s Note Color
A31 2020
Giá bán:
Thông tin sản phẩm
Oppo fnid x a73s a75 a75 a73 a3 (nine colors for each model, please note the color of the note when ordering, otherwise the warehouse staff will send the color randomly) Before bid, please note: ☆Working hours: monday to saturday (9: 30-19: 30), weekend off, 24-hour service ☆Everybody, if you want to bid not to pick up, do not subscript, avoid the seller's loss, alexander ☆If you have any problems with the goods, you can talk to the seller and the seller is responsible for handling them. please do not evaluate the problem ☆Support for return, non-quality buyer's burden, and must ensure that the goods are intact (e.g. buyer's return: the store will be entitled to charge 20% of the handling charge for the goods ☆Seven-day appreciation period does not represent seven-day probationary period