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[Title] Bee ceramic jewelry box [Material] Ceramics [Specifications] 108x 80mm [Size] Large, small number [Weight] 490g (Packing box), excluding packaging 450g [Packaging] White cartridge independent packaging [Purpose] Jewelry、 pendulums、 seasoning tanks, etc. Move classics into the design of a new era, imagining to be a fashion-rich artistic creative product, show the modern covenant flavor. Not at the front end, don 't boast about it, but enjoy the beauty of life. Close your eyes, let the fragrance refresh, make one more joyful, it 's not unusual until dawn. Living alone, keep a light mentality at any time, learn to feel the beauty of life, as long as you 're with you, time is quiet, diesel salts are no longer cumbersome, inaction is no longer confused. Fine little jars, palm size, used for jewelry, change, home pendulums and so on are very good, bees design on lid, lifelike, home、 add a lot of vitality and inspiration to the dressing table. The steps of life, walk too fast and easily ignore the scenery around you, take your pupils slowly, the timid mother tongue sun and breeze walk in pure beautiful scenery, Take a story home, to achieve spiritual return in essence. The essence of the traditional design is that it is a handicraft culture, from nature, hands as media, menstruation year of a craftsman, make life simple and beautiful.