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288 Black/35
288 Black/36
288 Black/37
288 Black/38
288 Black/39
288 Black/40
288 Black/41
288 Black/42
288 Black/43
288 Black/44
288 White/35
288 White/36
288 White/37
288 White/38
288 White/39
288 White/40
288 White/41
288 White/42
288 White/43
288 White/44
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Patterns All the styles on the picture are available from stock . Since only 20 options can be shown , If you want to buy other colour codes , please contact us . can support wholesale distribution , The more you buy , the cheaper it is If you are a seller or buy multiple items at one time , You can contact us to buy more wholesale prices will have more concessions ! * All of the items that can be ordered in this store are available from stock . All products are carefully inspected before mailing , But occasionally there are careless times , Water water received products mailing errors and fewer problems , etc . We 'd like to inform you at the first time , This store is very responsible . Any questions are welcome to talk , We see the first time after all will be for you one answer Yo ! ! ! Like seller can collect oh * Supermarket Restrictions : Weight within 5 kg , Dimension 45 * 30 * within 30cm * If you order more goods , try to choose the house with the order . Or separate the order Thank you ! ! ! It 's a long way to go , Please set aside enough time for water . The package will not be updated until after the Shenzhen Customs exit . Please know , Once the parcel is mailed , it will not return . If the water is stopped or the order is cancelled , we 'll lose it directly . The stress is great , Please understand Thank you for your support ! ! ! * * Expedite down s . f Logistics ,service , Freight paid