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Dây Cáp Sạc Chất Lượng Cao Cho Iphone 5 V 2a

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Welcome More exquisite cellphone shells # Jlt The store does promotional activities from time to time, it 's amazing to pay attention to the store. If your cell phone is android, like our cell phone shell design, can you talk about sending pictures to us, as long as it is not shut down, the shopmaster can find the goods, please take it safely. Products when shipped, will be subject to strict quality check, if there are serious quality problems, we 'll send back the package, please feel free to order. Consumables produced in bulk, if there are minor defects, please also ask for your client 's pardon This shop supports all wholesales、 acquisitions、 delivery on behalf of, five initial approvals, fair prices, thin profits are sold more. You have any questions to consult us by chatting with us, we will reply to you within 30 minutes, Customer service daily online time: 9: 00-21: 30 We will serve you with all our hearts