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Bộ chuyển đổi ống kính konica AR cho máy ảnh Sony nex rless

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___________________❤❤Bacony❤❤___________________ Welcome to our store, our main business is 3C, auto parts and other products. We always insist on selling the best quality products at the lowest price. ✔ spot ✔ wholesale price ✔ high quality ★★★Continuous surprises★★★ ☞☞ Passbook coupon: more favorable coupon orders ☞☞Follow the store: free gift ☞☞ "like" products: priority delivery (If you want to get a free gift, please send us a screenshot of the store and make a note on the order, otherwise it will not be sent) ★★Please note ★★ ✌ We will send the appropriate plug adapter according to your country. _______________❀Product Information❀______________ Features: High precision machining, ensures smooth installing and dismantling, can protect both lens and camera body. No lens, no electronic contact, it won't affect the optical quality of lens and sensitivity of camera. Supports focus to infinity, manual focus, manual aperture and manual exposure, aperture priority. Applicable for KONICA AR mount lens. Suitable for Sony NEX mirrorless camera. Save your money instead of buy a new lens, cost-efficient accessory for photography lovers. Specifications: Material: Aluminum alloy Color: Black Compatible Lens: For KONICA AR mount lens  Compatible Camera: For Sony NEX mirrorless camera Package List: 1 * Lens Adapter