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Thương Hiệu
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Green Half Love
Red+gold Beads
Pink Half Love
love heart pearl
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Warm tips: This item is set below, set of six, let 's keep changing every day, farewell to monotony Because silver needle has some softness, when the girls received the goods, they found the silver needle bent, normal phenomenon, please smooth it straight with your thumb. Color: 6 Shine red heart + Six sets of golden pearls 6 Shine red heart + 6 6 Material: Alloy/silver plating/gold plated Style: Japan and korea Style: Women Application of ceremony: Opening ceremony, employee benefits, exhibitions, wedding celebration, relocation, public relations planning, birthdays, tourism memorial, anniversaries, awards awards, advertising promotion, holidays, business gifts Mosaic material: Other Goods number: Z196 63 ❤ # Jeans ❤ # Bottom trousers ❤ # Casual pants ❤ # Brims ❤ # Shorts ❤ # Japan ❤ # Dresses ❤ # Fashion bags ❤ # (2) ❤ # Fine goods