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Áo Thun Tay Ngắn Dáng Rộng Phối Dây Ruy Băng Trẻ Trung Năng Động

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Gửi từ Quốc Tế
Red Bean Paste
3xl 150-170 ''
4xl (170-200 kg)
2xl 130-150 kg
m (80-100 kg)
l (100-115 kilo)
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【Message】 【Commodities】 All the stores in this shop, ultra low prices, elaborate merchandise 【Notes】 - Welcome to this store Welcome to focus on us, we are serving new and cheap goods every day. - Remember to collect the goods in time Please pick up the parcels in time when they arrive at the market (The maximum duration is within 7 days after the parcel reaches the market) We lose the package directly because we don't take the piece or because we take it longer Please refer to the information received for the time limit for collection, do not take the completion time shown on the page as the case. - Any problems after the pick up: Small piece、 wrong shipment、 defects, etc., please contact us first, don't rush into negative comments, we'll definitely serve you, thank you very much - Gluttony clothing and if the buttonhole is not pruned, it's not flawed, because the continent has the same kind of clothing and the same thing as the garment, it's basically button holes that haven "t been cut, please know it well. - Satisfaction with our goods and services, would you please give us a favorable review of Five Stars, there's something unsatisfactory to ask you to contact us on the conversation. Your satisfaction, it's our quest