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Áo Sơ Mi Cotton Tay Dài Dáng Rộng Kẻ Ca-rô Trẻ Trung Hợp Thời Trang

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Black Long M-xxl
Blue Long M-xxl
Red Long M-xxl
Black Short M-xxl
Blue Short M-xxl
Red Short M-xxl
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Brand trend focus on quality Color: Black (Long and short) Red (Long and short) Blue (Long and short) Size: M l xl xxl The size table is the ninth picture in the figure above Manufacturer direct sales guarantee quality recognition factory brand welcome wholesale Please accept the freight charges for non-quality issues under good size Please place an order for sufficient time we will send the goods as soon as possible What questions about our goods and services can contact us directly The non-consignee complained of the pleasure of your five-star shopping